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Internship Certificate

This is to certify that XXX, a student from Fort XXX University, Gradate 2008 with his major in Master of Business Administration, has been interning in XXX Graphics Design & Printing, as the marketing assistant from June 20th, XXX to April 16th, XXX.

During the student’s internship he put much effort into his work and study. His main responsibility was to take charge in the marketing, assist in analyzing the information and write the final report for the market investigation. During his internship period,XXX was conscientious with his work. When he met with questions, he would consult with the senior staff modestly and accept their advice with an open mind. Moreover, he could apply the knowledge that he has learned at school to his specific work, managing to complete the tasks with high quality. Meanwhile, he complied with the rules and regulations of our company, showed high respect to our staff and got along well with his colleagues, thus won favorable appraisals from them.

Hereby certified!




实习期间,该生在工作和学习上均投入了很多精力。其主要职责包括负责市场营销、帮助分析信息以及撰写市场调研最终报告。在其实习期间,张朴对工作兢兢业业。 遇到问题时,他都会虚心向老员工请教,并虚心接受他们的建议。此外,他还能很好地将从学校里学到的知识应用到具体工作中,设法高质量地完成工作任务。同 时,他还能很好地遵守公司的规章制度,非常尊重我们的员工,并与同事相处融洽,因此,大家对他的评价都很高。


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